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Mike Condrick

Mike spent a lot of time fishing as a kid. Fishing and crying. Like everybody else in PCUSA, he studied sketch with Kevin Allison. Mike also studied improv with Ed Herbstman at The Magnet Theater and co-created a Mike Tyson's Punchout homage where you fight breakfast foods. He tends to gaze longingly at his own website.

Brianne Halverson

Patrick hasn't written the joke part of his bio yet. He is shiftless, and has shunned repeated requests regarding this matter. He is also a veteran improviser, improv director, and actor. Outside of PCUSA, he's 1/4th of the exultant improv group Johnny Lunchpail, and various other projects that are very,very good.

Brianne Halverson

Brianne is really big into picturing things. Picture yourself on a deserted island. Can you hear the waves? Good, good. Now picture yourself dead.
Bri frequently performs improv and is very talented and awesome.

Michael Terry

Michael grew up in Baltimore. Generally when people hear this, they say something about crabs or the Orioles. This already awkward situation usually gets worse when Michael responds "Yeah, it's kind of a shithole." Michael has studied and performed with Kevin Allison and at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. He also "does" stand-up and has a sexy website.


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