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MT does standup and acting and has a badass fancy website. There is video of him doing the standup and a gallery of heroes.

Brianne's Improv Stuff
You need to go see Bri do improv with her group Gotham Underground, or in the improvised dating show Meet Market. Thanks man.
Mike writes things like essays about getting punched in the face and also whores himself out to the advertising industry.

Kevin Allison
Our former teacher, founding member of MTV's The State, and current Artistic Director of The Peoples Improv Theater.

Anya Garrett
This multi-talented young lass has filmed all of our video sketches, taught us a ton about directing sketch, shot all of our official photos, applied several of our fake moustaches, and is an all-around comedy champion.

Marianne Ways awesome. She produces Bro'in Out and has helped us out in a disgusting number of ways.

Rachel Sklar
This fellow Kevin Allison protege and friend of ours is now an all-powerful blogger for The Huffington Post. She is Canadian.

Brandy and Sara
More Kevin Allison students, also current pals, who host a great variety show called The Kissing Booth.

The Back Alley Tabernacle
Some old pals of Mike's from his days started The Back Alley Tabernacle, a group blog that will educate you in the ways of smartness.

Magnitude 8
The site of the guy who designed our site. And our logo and show programs and some other stuff. He's a great guy. Hire him.

The People's Improv Theater

Gotham City Improv

At Night With Gabe and Jenny

Hot Tub Variety

The Royal We

Slightly Known People Is Seeing Other People

Invite Them Up

Kimmy Gatewood

Nathan Manley

Sweet @ The Slipper Room

Bro'in Out

Kids In The Hall

Upright Citizens Brigade

Cortez Hankton

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